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I'm a documentary family photographer.  I specialize in Day in the Life session.  I aim to give you your story, a snapshot of your life, made up of all of those little things—the smiles, the looks, the hugs—that you don’t notice during the grind of every day. You will be able to see your life as it is, how you have lived and how you have loved, your way.

You will see that your imperfections are actually what make you perfect. These sessions are available as a shorter session or as a full day. I will spend time with your family, documenting your everyday activities. That might include Saturday morning breakfast, getting ready for school, supermarket runs, dinnertime chaos, bedtime routine, and everything else in between!

The most common problem my clients have in the planning phase is usually this: “I don’t know what would be worth photographing.” This stings my heart every time. The possibilities are endless.  

Download the guide below to spark your ideas for your session.