My Story

Christine Alexandra

I know letting a stranger into a day in your life can be intimidating, so I wanted to let you get to know me better. These are not the "best photos" of my life but they are some of my favorites.

I grew up in NJ and on Saturday mornings we had father / daughter dates. We would get up early make breakfast, run errands and then go for lunch. Nothing extravagant or entertaining for that matter but its something I look back on very fondly.

The Early Years

“Having grown up in California and New Jersey, I feel very at home on both coasts. Once we moved the California I spend most of my time in or by the pool. I became a competitive swimmer and swam through college at UCSD. After college I moved to NYC where I work and lived for 8 years. Although I sometimes miss the City, I'm happy to be back in San Diego”

My relationships with my friends and family have always been important to me. Before I knew it was, I was documenting my life, I took tons of pictures. I covered my childhood bedroom with 100's of these photographs— 2 and a half walls

Over the years, I had the opportunity to travel for fun and for swimming. My photos evolved from snapshots of friends to documenting my trips and experiences. As a professional photographer, I've worked to combine documentary photography with my passion and eye for capturing special and candid moments with loved ones and my clients. If you want to see some of my landscape/ travel photography visit

Like a lot of people, I began as a self-taught hobbyist. After developing my own style, I later received a Certificate in Photographic Arts in 2016 from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Extension. While my professional photography career is just beginning, I really feel that I've been a photographer all my life.

I think my greatest accomplishment as a documentary photographer would be for my clients to still be loving and using their photobook 40 years later—telling me their photos sparked the best conversations, reminded them to call their loved ones, and that they’ve shared beautiful and detailed stories with their grandchildren while gathered around their photobook together. To me, that would be a job well done.